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The four-wheeled myth.

Few other inventions have accompanied the development of modern society like the car, the means of transport par excellence. Its story is the story of man, his conquests, battles, the headlong race for modernisation that marked the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Nicolis Museum gives life and witness to this evolution with a display of hundreds of perfectly working cars, many personally restored by Luciano Nicolis and all restored to their original splendour.

It is surprising to see how a car has marked our lives over the last two centuries, how it helped women in their march towards autonomy and independence, how it passed through the cinema leaving us unforgettable films of races, loves and betrayals, escapes, journeys and challenges which all had a car at the centre of the scene somewhere or other.

Not to forget the excitement given by the sports and high speed racing, with the legendary champions flying past behind the wheel of their racing cars, man and machine together as one through to the winning post and the victory.

In means of transport, we find the history of society and man.

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