Alfa Romeo, 1957, Giulietta t.i.

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Marca: Alfa Romeo
Modello: Giulietta t.i.
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4/1290 cc
Potenza: 65 CV
Velocità: 155 km/h
Lunghezza: 398 cm
Larghezza: 151 cm
Altezza: 145.2 cm
Anno: 1957

Alfa Romeo, 1957, Giulietta t.i.

Alfa Romeo “ Giulietta t.i. ”, 1957

In April 1954 a new car entered the automotive world with her eye-catching style and an attractive name: Giulietta.

The Sprint version (a coupe designed by Bertone) was unusually launched first, followed by the sedan model in 1955 that, together with the Fiat 600 and 1100 and the Lancia Appia, will help the Italian motorization. The sedan, with 4 doors, 4 seats and column shifter, was very nimble and fast too, reintroducing the philosophy of pre-war Alfa Romeos: good speed, handling, reliability, and elegance.

Thanks to the design updates in 1959 and 1961, the public kept loving the Giulietta during the following years, consolidating the commercial success and creating its legend.

The car exhibited at the Museum is a Giulietta t.i. (International Tourism), a more powerful version introduced in 1957 that soon became the best selling version.

Luciano Nicolis used to say:

"This Giulietta was owned by Gino Tassi and I promised myself to kept it as it is in memory of Gino"

"The Italian Historic Trucks Club is dedicated to Gino Tassi: born in 1920, he lived in Bondeno and started working as a truck driver before WWII and lived the 60s Italian economic miracle with his transport company. He mainly used Lancia tankers in service to the sugar factory of Bondeno. When he retired, he sold his vehicles and started helping the first truck collectors to restore their vehicles and save rare versions. Soon the Club was born, in 1994 "

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The Alfa Romeo Giulietta was produced in 132.000 pieces.

In 2013 was produced a Alfa Romeo Giulietta “Fast & Furious 6” Limited Edition, in honor of the movie.