Fiat, 1967, 2300 S Coupé

Fiat “2300 S Coupé”, Ghia, 1967

The Beatles, the economic boom and the protests. The 60s were also the years of the Fiat boom: the production increased from 425.000 to 1.751.400 cars.

Moreover, from 1965 on the sports models of the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino wore the round, red and laurels decorated badge of the Thirties. Introduced in 1959 in both 1.8-liter and 2.1-liter capacity version, the 6-cylinder engine came to its full maturity with the 2.3-liter version.

The 2300 sedan was soon joined by a coupé, designed and built by Carrozzeria Ghia, powered by the powerful “S” version of the engine. The modern and stylish body obtained the public approval, and, even if the engine capacity, performance and price were not affordable to everyone, the car was a fairly good economical success for Fiat, particularly the S version, as the one shown in the Museum.

Marque: Fiat
Model: 2300 S Coupé
Cylinder number / Capacity: inline 6 / 2280 cc
Power: 136 bhp at 5300 rpm
Speed: 190 kph
Weight: 1610 kg
Length: 458 cm
Width: 179 cm
Height: 129 cm
Year: 1967
Marque: Ghia
Type: coupé 2+2
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