Fiat, 1954, 1100/103

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Marca: Fiat
Modello: 1100/103
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4/1089 cc
Potenza: 36 CV
Velocità: 116 km/h
Lunghezza: 375 cm
Larghezza: 130 cm
Altezza: 150 cm
Anno: 1954
Esemplari prodotti: 256.979

Fiat, 1954, 1100/103

Fiat “1100/103″, 1954

Introduced at the 1953 Geneva Motor Show, the 1100/103 marked the end of the period started with 508 Balilla and opened the way to one of the most popular and fortunate models of the Turin company.

The 1100/103 model was the first of along series of 1100s that will be produced until 1970 with stylish and mechanical updates, until 1970. It got rid of the traditional body-on-frame for a more modern monocoque. The style reflected the styling trends of the period with a modern 3-volume body.

Offered in two versions, the more spartan A type and the more refined B type with a bench seat in the front and heater, like the car of the museum.

The 1100/103 was sold at an attractive price in accordance with the market expectations. Strong and reliable, the car had a considerable success and, on the Italian market, rivaled with the faster Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the more elegant Lancia Appia.

Luciano Nicolis used to say: "This car drove around Villafranca, it still has Verona license plates"

"In May 15th, 1939 to the presence of Mussolini, the new Mirafiori factory was inaugurated on a one-million square meters area, 300.000 of which were covered. The first model produced in Mirafiori was the 1100, destined to become, in its 1100/103 version, one of the most popular in the 50s and 60s".

From Storia Sociale dell'Automobile in Italia, Federico Paolini

Shooting, Ruoteclassiche, Fiat 1100/103