Lancia, 1941, Ardea I° serie

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Marca: Lancia
Modello: Ardea I° serie
Motore: V4
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4 / 903 cc
Potenza: 29 CV
Peso: 745 kg
Lunghezza: 3600 cm
Larghezza: 1400 cm
Altezza: 1450 cm
Anno: 1941
Esemplari prodotti: 22.730

Lancia, 1941, Ardea I° serie

Lancia "Ardea I° Serie", 1941

The Lancia Ardea stemmed from the need for a smaller and cheaper alternative to the Aprilia.

The result was a 9/10 scale model of the big sister, with the same design, very streamlined for the time, but also the same technical solutions, mantaining the typical Lancia's class and refinement intact.

The Ardea was powered by a V4 engine with overhead camshaft, driven by a chain and automatic tensioner (patented by Lancia) and hemispherical combustion chambers. A truly sophisticated engine for the time. The traditional monocoque chassis was also taken up.

Museo Nicolis' Ardea is a Mk1 car from 1941, with a 6 Volt electrical system and instead of the fully-opening trunk as found in the Aprilia, there is a little door for the spare tire behind the rear plate. Another interesting detail is the door opening with no B pillar, a styling cue Lancia will later keep, and the stylized spear on the top of the hood that opens it if you twist it.

The Ardea will live a long life also thanks to the van version that will be produced up until 1953, reaching 22.730 total specimen and leaving room for her heiress: the Lancia Appia.