Fiat, 1926, 512 torpedo

Fiat “512 torpedo”, 1926.

The 512 model substituted the then outdated 1919 501, even if the main characteristics were practically left intact. The real changes were made to the braking system and the suspension. Shock absorbers were added a well as brakes on all four wheels.

The Fiat 512 had also a great success also abroad.

Luciano Nicolis used to tell: “This example was found in the remote Philippines in the 1970s where its previous owner, Mr. Carl Gorge, had a number of business activities. He fell in love with the car and decided to restore it in to its original splendour. The vehicle was therefore sent to England where, over a period of about fifteen years, it was perfectly restored, maintaining many original parts like, for example, the mechanics and the instrumentation”.

Then the car arrived in Italy and now it is  displayed at the Museo Nicolis in Villafranca, Verona.

Curiosity: the list price of the Torpedo model at the time was 43,000 Lire.


Marque: Fiat
Model: 512
Cylinder number / Capacity: 6/3446 cc
Power: 46 bhp at 2400 rpm
Speed: 80 kph
Weight: 2100 kg
Length: 463 cm
Width: 171 cm
Height: 198 cm
Year: 1926
Numbers Built: 2.583
Marque: Fiat
Type: Torpedo
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