Fiat, 1948, 1100 Sport Barchetta

Fiat “1100 Sport Barchetta” Mille Miglia, Motto, 1948.

The body of this Fiat 1100 Sport Barchetta was fitted by Rocco Motto from Turin, the frame was modified by Stanguellini in Modena, the engine was tuned and oil cooling tubes were added.

This one-off took part in the 1948 Mille Miglia with Pedretti Alessio with no. 395.

When the war was over in 1945, many small shops built sports cars gathering various parts, but the several enrollments of Fiat 1100 S in the Mille Miglia race proved that that model was always the most appetising. This marvelous car still has its original log book. Its last owner, a doctor, used it to visit his patients.

During that period the car therefore underwent some necessary modifications, like moving the spare wheel on the bonnet to make more room in the trunk for the doctor’s instrument.

The founder of the Museum, Luciano Nicolis, found it around Europe and, after a meticulous restoration, the car went back to its original splendour.

At the 2021 Poltu Quatu Classic concours d’elegance this car won the prestigious “Spirit of 1000 Miglia” trophy, an official Mille Miglia award for the car that best represents the essence of the Red Arrow, the race Enzo Ferrari described as “a traveling museum unique in the world”. The cars are selected considering all the eligibility characteristics for the 1000 Miglia race. It was also awarded with the “Best in Show” prize.

Supplementary worksheet Fiat 1100 Sport Barchetta

Special thanks to Ivano Mercanzin for the photos.

Marque: Fiat
Model: 1100 Sport Barchetta
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4 / 1100 cc
Speed: 150 kph
Length: 3900 cm
Width: 1520 cm
Height: 990 cm
Year: 1948
Numbers Built: 1
Marque: Motto
Type: Barchetta
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