Fiat, 1929, 509 A spider

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Marca: Fiat
Modello: 509 A spider
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4/990 cc
Potenza: 22.2 CV
Velocità: 76 km/h
Lunghezza: 3900 cm
Larghezza: 1480 cm
Altezza: 1615 cm
Anno: 1929
Esemplari prodotti: 69.165

Fiat, 1929, 509 A spider

Fiat "509 A spider", 1929, Italy

The launch of the 509 in 1925 was supported by Fiat with the creation of a company (SAVA) which financed the payment by instalments.

Finally the car could be declared accessible to everyone, even though the majority of the population was still using the bicycle or at most, the motorcycle.

The car shown in the museum has the retractable seat in the tail, playfully called “the mother-in-law seat”.

The car, still in original condition, was bought in 1930 by the Counts Cavazzocca of Verona, and after several owners it came back to its mother town in 1979, when it was acquired by the museum.

Luciano Nicolis used to say: “This car comes from Verona and was bought brand new by Counts Cavazzocca, it had the family symbol on the doors. It was borrowed by the son of the prefect of Verona for a trip to Bosco Chiesanuova with Miss Adele Galvani who lost her identity car, a real tragedy at the time. In the 80s I found it inside the storage compartment and I wanted to give it back to her. She was surprised - WHO STOLE IT? - she said... aged 70 she was still shaken"


“Thanks to the far possibility it gave to everyone to afford it, the 509 was a fascinating object for many.
In the spring of 1925, the 509 production began in the Lingotto assembly lines, the brand new factory inaugurated by Fiat in 1923.
The 509 was a compact car (3,70 m x 1,42 m) with a 3-speed gearbox and a 990cc engine and was warmly welcomed by drivers and the press.
The 509 launch marked the beginning of the Italian mass motorization. To encourage the sales, Fiat ran a promotional tour that started on May, 12st in Milan. Ten cars drove through the main Italian cities, driven by Felice Nazzaro and a new hire-purchase method from Sava"

Taken from Storia Sociale dell’Automobile in Italia, Federico Paolini

Shooting, I Gatti di Vicolo Miracoli, anni ’80, Fiat 509 with Jerry Calà, Umberto Smaila, Nini Salerno e Franco Oppini,  phot taken near the Arena of Verona