Lancia, 1971, 2000 i.e. Berlina

Lancia “2000 i.e. Berlina “, 1971.

The Lancia 2000 was born to replace the missing spot left by the Flaminia in 1970.

Lancia needed a new flagship model and by substantially modifying the Flavia berlina, the 2000 Berlina saw the light.

Powered by the Flavia’s flat-4 engine, the 2000 will be the first Italian car (and one of the world’s first) to adopt electronic injection, a technology that will become a standard feature in the automotive world only several years after.

Elegant and very refined, the 2000 won’t be a great commercial success: the high quality of production will elad to high costs that slowed down the sales and stopped them after 14.319 cars made (5500 of which were fuel-injected).

Marque: Lancia
Model: 2000 i.e. Berlina
Engine: 4 cilindri Boxer
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4 / 1991 cc
Power: 125 bhp at 5800 rpm
Speed: 185 kph
Weight: 1230 kg
Length: 460 cm
Width: 161 cm
Height: 147 cm
Year: 1971
Numbers Built: 14.319
Marque: Lancia
Type: Berlina 4 porte
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