Lancia, 1968, Fulvia 1.3 S Rallye

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Marca: Lancia
Modello: Fulvia
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: V4/1298 cc
Potenza: 91 CV
Velocità: 170 km/h
Peso: 950 kg
Lunghezza: 397 cm
Larghezza: 156 cm
Altezza: 130 cm
Anno: 1968
Esemplari prodotti: 16.827

Lancia, 1968, Fulvia 1.3 S Rallye

Lancia "Fulvia 1.3 S Rallye", 1968

The Fulvia Coupé was launched at the 1965 Geneva Motor Show, destined to be a great commercial and racing success.

The elegant and streamlined body was signed by Piero Castagneto, who said to have been inspired by Riva motorboats.
The interior is pure Lancia as well, with the real wooden dashboard and a light and roomy cockpit.

The 1.3S Rallye was born in 1968 to replace the previous 1.3. The engine was updated and the performance was better than the previous model. It will be produced in 16.827 specimen, before being replaced in 1970 by the Mk2 1.3S that will be sold in a higher number thanks also to the rally success.

In fact the Fulvia Coupé had a nice handling and a sporting vocation, becoming the flagship car of the Squadra Corse Lancia.

Thanks to the Fulvia, Lancia will start its long and successful rally career, winning the Rally constructor championship in 1972