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Marca: Fiat
Modello: 1200 Trasformabile
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4/1221 cc
Potenza: 55 CV
Velocità: 135 km/h
Peso: 930 kg
Lunghezza: 4030 cm
Larghezza: 1520 cm
Altezza: 1300 cm
Anno: 1958

Fiat, 1958, 1200 Trasformabile

Fiat "1200 Trasformabile", 1958

The new 1100/103 saloon, introduced in 1953, marks the turning point towards a more modern production of FIAT cars. This car had a considerable commercial success and, in 1955, the TV Trasformabile version was launched, designed by the company itself and fitted with the 50 hp engine.
The design of the Trasformabile was too ahead of its time and turned out to be an obstacle to its commercial spreading, until 1958 when the car was fitted with the new high-performance 1200 Granluce engine.
A little detail that shows the quality and care is the possibility to turn the seats in order to get in and out of the car more easily.


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