Mercedes Benz, 1976, 450 SL

Mercedes Benz “450 SL”, 1976.

The convertible from the Mercedes-Benz R107 series has a particular characteristic: it is, to date, the Mercedes that was produced for the longest time. The SL in the 107 series was, in fact, produced with a more or less unvaried aesthetic appearance from 1971 to 1989. Created to meet the increasingly more rigid American regulations in terms of “crash tests” and polluting emissions, it has particularly robust bodywork, which earned it the nickname of the “panzerwagen” (armoured car).

The 107, the first SL to adopt this technical solution, originally had an 8-cylinder engine, usually accompanied by an automatic gear change. Over the years, a large number of V8 engines were alternated under the bonnet – 350, 380, 420, 450, 500 (for Europe) and 560 (for America). A 6- cylinder version, 280 and then 300, was only available in Europe.

An extremely comfortable vehicle, it was perfect for long journeys in the open air. It has “taken part” in many films: the most memorable being the car driven by Richard Gere in American Gigolò.

Marque: Mercedes Benz
Model: 450 SL
Cylinder number / Capacity: 8/4520 cc
Power: 217 bhp
Speed: 210 kph
Weight: 1500 kg
Length: 4330 cm
Width: 1890 cm
Height: 1300 cm
Year: 1976
Numbers Built: 66.298
Marque: Mercedes Benz
Type: 2-seater convertible
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