Alfa Romeo, 1970, 1750 Berlina

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Marca: Alfa Romeo
Modello: 1750 Berlina
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4/1779 cc
Potenza: 118 CV
Velocità: 180 km/h
Peso: 1110 kg
Anno: 1970

Alfa Romeo, 1970, 1750 Berlina

Alfa Romeo “1750 Berlina”, 1970

In the late 60s Alfa Romeo had basically a complete range of cars to fulfill the sporty ambitions of their customers. The last cars taht needed to be replaced were the so-called “Alfone” (big Alfas), flagships of the Biscione brand.

The need to build a new model was born and it needed to be more powerful and spacious, capable of replacing the outdated 2000 and 2600 and also being built on the already-existing production lines.
Alfa Romeo started working on the “Giulia 1800”, that will be later named 1750 to recall the glorious 6C 1750 of the 30s, car that will be placed side by side with it during the day of presentation in 1968.

The new 1750 Berlina is based on the Giulia chassis with an extented wheelbase, design by Bertone and powered by the already tested Bialbero which displacement was raised to 1779cc. The new high range was later completed by the coupé 1750 GT Veloce and the 1750 Spider Veloce.

The 1750 will be replaced in 1971 by the 2000 Berlina.