Fiat, 1965, 600 D Coupé Viotti

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Marca: Fiat
Modello: 600 D Coupé Viotti
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4/767 cc
Potenza: 32 CV
Velocità: 110 km/h
Peso: 925 kg
Lunghezza: 329.5 cm
Larghezza: 138 cm
Altezza: 140.5 cm
Anno: 1965

Fiat, 1965, 600 D Coupé Viotti

Fiat “600 D coupé", Viotti, 1965

“The most modified car by the Italians”: borrowing a similar expression from a famous italian advertisement, that's how we could define the Fiat 600, the Italian dream of the post-war years.

Born as an entirely new project, with an water-cooled rear engine and  four comfortable seats, the 600, together with the Balilla and Topolino, was the car that motorized  the “Bel Paese”.
The 600 was also the most transformed and personalized Italian car by coachbuilders and tuners who gave free rign to their creativity and definitely launched the Italian style in the world.

The car in the museum is a 750cc version of the 600, whose engine displacement was increased to widen the performance gap from the 500 model in 1960.

This little coupé with a cloth sunroof was designed by Viotti, a coachbuilder established in 1921, whose name is linked to the production of several one-offs on Fiat and Lancia chassis, and to the diffusion in post-war Italy of a new type of body: the station wagon, at that time called more simply “giardinetta”. This car was fully restored according to the original specifications.

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