Ferrari, 1990, 348 Tb

Ferrari 348 Tb, Pininfarina, 1990

The 348 was unveiled at the 1989 Frankfurt Motor Show as the natural heir, after a good fourteen years, of the much-loved and greatly sold 328 (already 308).

This “berlinetta” designed by Pininfarina has a steel frame made of various sections with a rear tubular sub-frame. The sides have cooling grids for the engine and radiator, a more advance feature than the Mondial or the Testarossa.

The engine was the V8 fitted in the Mondial, unmodified.

The rims were, however, completely new and was specifically made for the car. The interior was perfectly in line with all the functional requirements, included a number of comforts which contributed to a high-end car like the 348.

Marque: Ferrari
Model: 348 Tb
Cylinder number / Capacity: 90° V8 / 3405 cc
Power: 300 bhp at 7200 rpm
Speed: 275 kph
Weight: 1393 kg
Length: 420 cm
Width: 196 cm
Height: 105 cm
Year: 1990
Marque: Pininfarina
Type: Coupè
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