Aventure, 1882

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Marca: Aventure
Lunghezza: 264 cm
Larghezza: 119 cm
Altezza: 176 cm
Anno: 1882

Aventure, 1882

Aventure, about 1882 

One-off pedal vehicle created for road use.

Designed by two French inventors, it was driven by them in 1882 from Paris to Calais.
On the way back to Paris, the vehicle was forced to stop for a mechanical/structural failure in Rouen, where it was left in a cellar. Later the two friends hid it and left for the war (where it is believed they died).

Only their two helmets are left, that can be seen in the showcase at the Museo.

In the 1960s the Aventure drew the attention of Monsieur Jacky Pinchon, the owner of the Clères french museum.
He immediately understood the historic importance of the vehicle and brought it to his museum near Paris, where it will be exposed until 1970, when the vehicle started being restored.

In 1991 the vehicle was auctioned by Sotheby's in London as a prestigious collectible.

A peculiar feature is the steering wheel, that was fitted on the vehicle many years before the application of petrol engine on a car.
The difference in the crew’s jobs is bizzarre: the driver in the front seat turned the wheel and the one in the rear seat pedaled. Two original candle carriage lamps are installed on the both sides.


Wooden decorated chassis; metal "nose" shaped like a coal scuttle. Front compartment with padded seat; foldable fabric roof. Wooden footboards and trunk.

1999 the vehicle participates to the 1st cultural motoring Reunion, San Bernardino track for cars and motorcycles built before 1914, Campagnola Emilia.

1994, November 24th, the French magazine La vide de l'Auto writes an article to tell the story of the Aventure and its drivers.