Maserati, 1947, A6 1500

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Marca: Maserati
Modello: A6 1500
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: inline 6 / 1488 cc
Potenza: 65 CV
Velocità: 150 km/h
Peso: 1120 kg
Lunghezza: 408 cm
Larghezza: 152 cm
Altezza: 135 cm
Anno: 1947

Maserati, 1947, A6 1500

Maserati "A6 1500" by Pinin Farina, 1947

In January 1940, Maserati, which had been purchased in 1937 by the Modena industrialist, Adolfo Orsi, moved to the new, modern premises in Modena. Research into a new Gran Turismo automobile immediately began but was put on hold during the war.
In 1947, however, Maserati presented the prototype, a coupè with pop-up headlights designed by Pinin Farina, at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Museum's automobile is the second one built (one off) and was on show in October 1947 at the ltalian Bodywork Show at the Milan Triennale.

There are several aesthetic differences compared to the Geneva prototype (e.g. the headlights, the rear window, the shape of the tail).

The car was exported to Argentina in 1950 and  then came back to Italy at the end of the 1970s where it was bought by Luciano Nicolis, who restored it and returned it to its original splendour.

Extremely elegant colors: the champagne color creates a refined contrast with the vivid red of the side air vents.

The car was chosen for the inaugural exhibition at the new Museo “Casa Enzo Ferrari” as one of the most significant cars made in Modena and that same year participated to the “Concorso di Eleganza Villa d’Este”.

This car was the last restoration project Luciano Nicolis himself followed. The car was presented few months after his passing at the Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance.

2012 Inaugural exhibition Museo MEF “Casa Enzo Ferrari” 

2012 Concorso di Eleganza Villa d’Este

2012 Mostra “Enrico Ghinato: L’auto, la forma e i riflessi” MAUTO Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile di Torino

2013 Mostra “Enrico Ghinato: L’auto, la forma e i riflessi” al MEF Museo casa Enzo Ferrari.

2014 Mostra  "Maserati 100 – A Century of Pure Italian Luxury Sports Cars" Modena

2018 Poste Italiane chose this car for a philatelic postcard.

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