Borgward, 1959, Isabella TS Coupé

Borgward “Isabella TS Coupé”, 1959

The most known and beloved Borgward model, “Isabella” was launched in 1954: the car aimed to enter the German medium-sized car market, at the time totally occupied by Ford, Mercedes and Opel cars.

On the strength of its style, much more modern and fascinating than that of its rivals, the “Isabella” was able to carve itself a market niche, thanks also to its complete range, including the saloon, station wagon or “kombi”, convertible and coupé, all with 2- door body.

The car displayed in our museum is a MkII TS Coupé, produced from 1958 to 1961: elegant and refined, with soft lines and good performance, the TS Coupé was built on a dedicated assembly line to guarantee a better quality to the final product. Market surveys at the time described it as the car preferred by the German middle-class ladies thanks to its large boot, and for its general quality it had a large diffusion in USA too.

Marque: Borgward
Model: Isabella TS Coupè
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/1493 cc
Power: 75 bhp at 5200 rpm
Speed: 150 kph
Weight: 1120 kg
Length: 430 cm
Width: 175 cm
Height: 138 cm
Year: 1959
Marque: Borgward
Type: Coupè
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