Mission, Vision and Values Charter

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With our museum, we intend to share a unique collection of historical motoring and human engineering genius that is not only one of its kind in the world, but also a ‘cultural enterprise’ that offers excellence, professionalism and passion in organising events and services in respect of our values.


To be recognised internationally as a historical, cultural and innovative reference point for man’s ingeniousness during his progress.


Sharing our values and abilities with optimism, courage and creativity, reaching into the hearts and emotions of our customers with reciprocal satisfaction.

Paying attention to, accepting and understanding people and their freedom of action and thought in order to achieve common objectives by creating and experiencing harmonious and ecological relations.

Acting with willpower, sacrifice, perseverance and competence to coherently fulfil our mission and vision.

Accomplishing well-structured projects and objectives to obtain tangible and measurable results.

Living every day in the awareness that our actions bear consequences that we must answer to with transparency and trust towards others and ourselves.