Lancia, 1930, Dilambda

Lancia “Dilambda”, Castagna, 1930

The 5-meter-long Dilambda was Lancia’s flagship until 1931, when the Astura was introduced. Initially designed for the rich American market, the car was modified for the European market and unveiled at the 1929 Paris Motor Show.

Unlike the monocoque chassis of the Lambda, the Dilambda had a classic body-on-frame structure, with independent front axle and powered by a V8 engine derived from the previous Trikappa.

The Dilambda chassis was appreciated for its driving performance, comfort and quietness. It was adopted by the najor independent Italian coachbuilders (Pinin Farina, Castagna, Cesare Sala, Stabilimenti Farina) and abroad, to create beautiful bodyworks able to fulfill every need, as the Castagna coupé de ville shown in the museum.

It was subject to an accurate restoration to recreate the interior’s warm and elegant atmosphere of those years.


Marque: Lancia
Model: Dilambda
Cylinder number / Capacity: 8V/3960 cc
Power: 100 bhp at 4000 rpm
Speed: 120 kph
Weight: 2650 kg
Length: 505 cm
Width: 175 cm
Height: 171 cm
Year: 1930
Numbers Built: 1.685
Marque: Castagna
Type: coupé de ville
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