Maserati, 1971, Mexico

Maserati  “Mexico 4700”

Maserati introduced at the 1965 Turin Motor Show a new 2+2, named 5000 GT, whose elegant body had been designed and built by Carrozzeria Vignale in Turin. The new model offered four real seats to whom was looking for a sports car with comfort and habitability. In 1966 they started with the production of the series version, named Mexico, which was offered with both the 4.2-liter or 4.7-liter engine.

Touring produced in just 31 examples from 1959 to 1964) and Quattroporte (introduced at the 1963 Turin Motor Show), the Mexico engine came from the V8 4.5-liter unit previously fitted to the 450 S. The latter was the most powerful sports car ever produced by the Trident firm and did not win the 1957 World Makes Championship because of an incredible series of negative circumstances.

Marque: Maserati
Model: Mexico
Cylinder number / Capacity: 8 a V/4709 cc
Power: 290 bhp at 5000 rpm
Speed: 255 kph
Weight: 1450 kg
Length: 4720 cm
Width: 1730 cm
Height: 1340 cm
Period of production: 1966 - 1972
Numbers Built: 481
Marque: Vignale
Type: 4-seat coupè
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