Ferrari Engineering, 1968, F333E

Ferrari Engineering, F333E Armored vehicle, 1968

The F333E is the prototype of a light armoured vehicle, designed by Ferrari Engineering of Turin but never produced.

Its main functions are fast patrolling, reconnaissance, army and technological stuff support. It is small, fast, easy to handle, and well armed. It is a vehicle suitable for the different types of land and slopes thanks to its four-wheel drive.

It was produced with a steel armour capable to assure protection against the NATO 7,62 bore bullets. The wheels are fitted with Good Year “run flat” tires (so that the vehicle can still run even with a flat tire) and can be replaced by rail wheels to allow the vehicle running on railroad tracks.

The two anti-blow 50-liter each fuel tanks allow a considerable fuel distance: 800 km on road and 1000 km on railroad at 60 kph. Thanks to its light weight and limited size, this armoured vehicle can also be parachuted from low height and carried on helicopters. The main armament (not currently fitted) is made of an SR gun, Folgore, Milan, and Tow missiles, flame-throwers, and two different types of machine-guns.

  • 2003 article on La Manovella written by Gianni Rogliatti. In 2007 Rogliatti published a note relative to Eng. Carlo Ferrari who stated he made this vehicle in Turin and seems to be the only one existing.


Marque: Ferrari
Model: Autoblindo F333E
Engine: Fiat
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/1995 cc
Power: 113 bhp
Speed: 120 kph
Weight: 2100 kg
Length: 3350 cm
Width: 1790 cm
Height: 1470 cm
Year: 1968
Marque: Ferrari Engineering
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