Lancia, 1965, Flaminia Coupè

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Marca: Lancia
Modello: Flaminia Coupè
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 6 a V/2775 cc
Potenza: 140 CV
Velocità: 180 km/h
Lunghezza: 4700 cm
Larghezza: 1780 cm
Altezza: 1450 cm
Anno: 1965
Esemplari prodotti: 5.236

Lancia, 1965, Flaminia Coupè

Lancia “Flaminia Coupè 3B 2.8”, Pininfarina, 1965

Introduced at the 1959 Turin Motor Show, the Flaminia Coupè got back to the saloon aesthetical features, but on a 2.750 mm shortened chassis. Its style, clean and lacking in the American stylistic excesses very common in Europe at that time, was designed by Pinin Farina, who later chose a Flaminia Coupè as his personal car.

Like the other sports versions, built by Touring and Zagato, also the Pinin Farina Coupé was fitted with the Flaminia sports engine, initially of 2.5-liter capacity giving 119 bhp.

The script on the car shown in the museum, Coupé 3B 2.8, specifies that it is fitted with the 2775cc 3-barrel carburettor engine. We let you note that on this form the name Battista (Pinin) Farina is written in two different ways: this because in 1961 the famous bodybuilder got the permission to change, thanks to a decree of the Italian Republic President, his family name from Farina into Pininfarina, the name under which his creations were known all over the world. This is why the visitor can read the name Pinin Farina on the cars designed by him until 1960, and the name Pininfarina on the ones designed later on.

Special testimonial for Lancia was the famous actor Marcello Mastroianni with his Flaminia Super Sport Zagato.

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