Alfa Romeo, 1923, RL

Alfa Romeo “RL” – 1923

The RL was designed in 1920 following the technical requirements of the new “3000” racing formula that entered into force in 1921. Produced in seven series and four models (both racecars and road cars) until 1927, the car collected many racing successes, like the 1923 Targa Florio, won by Ugo Sivocci behind the wheel of an RL Targa Florio.

The car exhibited at the museum still has the Alfa Romeo badge without the laurel wreath, which was added later, after the company won the 1925 World Championship. This car was sold as a rolling chassis (a common practice for iprestigious cars at the time) in Australia, where it was fitted with a torpedo body built by the coachbuilder Martin King from Melbourne. The windscreen wiper is manual and controlled from the cockpit; the horn is electric, but the car is also fitted with a manual operating trumpet since the batteries often had insufficient range. The rear mirror is placed on the back of the headlamp, located on the chauffeur’s right side.

Luciano Nicolis used to say: “This car comes from Australia, it’s very reliable and I attended many car meets like the Sardinia and Sicily tour with it. I consider this a significant car”

21st May 21st, 1989, driven by Luciano Nicolis, the car attends the “Città di Ferrara” car meet.

Thanks to Ivano Mercanzin for the photo gallery.


Marque: Alfa Romeo
Model: RL Normale
Cylinder number / Capacity: 6 in linea/2916 cc
Power: 56 bhp at 3200 rpm
Speed: 110 kph
Length: 4960 cm
Width: 1690 cm
Height: 1650 cm
Year: 1923
Marque: Martin King
Type: Torpedo
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