Lancia, 1965, Flaminia Super Sport Zagato

Lancia Flaminia “Super Sport Zagato”, 1965

The Lancia Flaminia Zagato Super Sport unites two of the oldest and most esteemed names in the Italian motoring industry. The outcome and the combination, especially in the Super Sport form, is a fair tribute to both companies. On 4th November 1964, when the Turin Show had already begun, the Lancia exhibited a new model, the Flaminia Super Sport, at its stand, which happily brought the evolution of the prestigious Coupé Flaminia to a close.

Elegant and sporty at the same time, the Super Sport appeared stylistically extremely pleasant with substantial modifications to the bodywork compared to the previous model. The most apparent of said modifications was in more stubby tail, which maintained the same circular optic groups as on the previous model but inserted into a cavity with a greater diameter at the edge of the lateral curve of the tail. The front also had a new design.

While maintaining the now traditional Lancia style of the radiator cowling, it had better aerodynamic profiling and connected nicely with the drop slot of the plastic-covered headlights. The interior fittings were of the highest quality and the seats had a new anatomical design.

The boot had a hatch that communicated with the driver and passenger compartment for the easy transport of a golf caddie or skis, a solution that is quite common nowadays, but totally unusual at the time.

Compared to the previous Sport versions, the Super Sport was generally more elegant and “touristic“.


Marcello Mastroianni, the famous Italian actor, owned a Flaminia Super Sport Zagato.


Marque: Lancia
Model: Flaminia Super Sport
Cylinder number / Capacity: 6 / 2775 cc
Power: 152 bhp
Speed: 210 kph
Length: 4380 cm
Width: 1700 cm
Height: 1280 cm
Year: 1965
Numbers Built: 187
Marque: Zagato
Type: Super Sport
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