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Article 1
Access to the Museum

Museo Nicolis is open to the public upon payment of the entrance fees displayed at reception, during the specified opening hours and calendar. Prices, opening times and calendar may vary, depending on legal requirements;
Entry is by single ticket, which gives access to all the exhibits;
Tickets are single use only and are not refundable, unless authorised by management;
On specific occasions (themed exhibits, cultural events and others), Museo Nicolis may introduce a supplementary ticket giving access to spaces opened temporarily for such use;
By entering the museum, visitors understand that for legal, safety and security purposes, all spaces are protected by CCTV cameras;
Museo Nicolis staff have the right/duty to rebuke visitors in any way they deem appropriate when the latter do not comply with the code of conduct below;
Museo Nicolis informs that any difficulties caused by weather, accidents not due to our negligence, extraordinary maintenance, cleaning and other actions do not affect the nature of the museum’s services;
Assistance for visitors with specific needs: on request, the staff are available to assist visitors to access all the exhibition spaces;
Lift: the museum has a lift to access the various levels; please ask at reception if you need to use it;
Toilets: every floor of the museum has toilets; disabled facilities are available on all floors except the third;
NB: visitors are strictly forbidden to enter the basement, the roof (aerial exhibits) and the offices, unless authorised by management. The emergency stairs should be used only when really necessary;
Cloakroom: the museum has an unsupervised cloakroom for the storage of coats, bags and other items. We kindly ask you not to visit the collection with items that may damage the exhibits, yourself or others.
Lost property: the management is not responsible for items lost or forgotten in the building. We usually keep any lost property at reception for 60 days.
Pets: pets are permitted in the museum, under their owners’ responsibility.
Suggestions and complaints: the museum staff are happy to receive any suggestions or complaints you may have.

Article 2
Code of Conduct

Visitors must obey the rules for safety and conduct established by the museum management on the following points:
Culture: respect the collections on display for their historical/cultural value as expressions of a collective identity and heritage:
A – Do not cross safety barriers;
B – Do not touch the items on display unless authorised by staff;
C – Do not damage/tamper with items on display or the surrounding areas, in accordance with the regulations. The Museo Nicolis Association is not liable for harm or damage of any nature caused by failure to observe point C above. The Museo Nicolis Association may therefore exercise the right to compensation stipulated in law.
D – Children and minors must follow the rules; accompanying adults should therefore monitor their behaviour.
Ethics: respect the dignity of staff on duty and other visitors by behaving politely and decorously.
Intellectual: moderate attitude and tone of voice in respect for the museum’s atmosphere, cultural interest and the right of all present to understand and enjoy the exhibits.
Hygiene: keep all places clean and tidy; place all rubbish in the appropriate waste bins.
Recreation: do not consume food and drinks inside the museum; suitable spaces are provided for recreation:
– Level 2: Bar and panoramic terrace
– Ground floor: Vending machines area
Photos/videos: visitors may photograph and film the interior of the museum. It is forbidden to use images of the exhibits for lucrative purposes (e.g. promotional material for the sale of goods or to advertise services), unless authorised in writing.
Prohibitions: it is strictly FORBIDDEN to SMOKE or introduce flammable substances/items which may compromise the safety of staff and visitors.
Safety: safety installations are present on every floor of the building, and are identified by signage, including luminous signs indicating escape routes. In the event of danger, DO NOT use the lift!

Article 3

Entry to the museum is only by valid ticket. Tickets are valid for one entry, and may not be re-used. Tickets purchased are non-refundable. Prices are displayed in the reception area and on the museum website.

Opening times and dates can be checked in the Info – Prices and Opening Times section of the museum website.

Discounts are applicable in the following cases:

Schools: groups from all levels of public and private schools, subject to telephone booking;
Passes: the management reserves the right to grant named passes to exhibition spaces to prominent cultural figures, donors and lenders of items and artworks and authorities deemed appropriate;
Special agreements: the management reserves the right to enter into agreements with institutions, associations or private individuals as deemed appropriate.
Similar arrangements may be made for specific categories of visitors.
The museum staff are at the disposal of visitors for general information on routes, collections and services of the museum; they are also responsible for the safety and success of visits. Staff instructions and prohibitions must therefore be followed carefully.

Article 4
Out-of-hours Visits

The management may arrange visits for associations, institutions and private individuals outside the museum’s normal opening times. The organisers of such visits must cover the full amount of running costs (security, ticket office, staffing, management etc), in accordance with the rates set by the museum.

Article 5
Guided Tours

A general guided tour service is available, covering the history and customs of the period cars on display. Specific guided tours are available only if arranged in advance with management. Guided tours are subject to payment and must be booked by completing the dedicated form at least 5 working days in advance. Museo Nicolis reserves the right to provide this service on days and at times appropriate for the bookings calendar.

NB: Any delay not attributable to Museo Nicolis staff may affect the correct operation of the guided tour.

Article 6
Temporary Exhibitions

Museo Nicolis is happy to evaluate the interest/feasibility of temporary exhibits, subject to preliminary definition of the relevant methods of setup and execution. The applicant must cover the full running costs of the museum (security, ticket office, staffing, management etc), setup costs and otherwise, in accordance with the rates established by the museum.

Article 7
Events and Conference Centre

Solely on prior booking and payment, Museo Nicolis offers the possibility of organising events, meetings, cocktails, private visits and other events outside normal opening times. The organisers of such events must cover the full amount of running costs (security, ticket office, staffing, management etc), in accordance with the rates established by the museum.

Article 8
Bookshop and Souvenirs

Souvenirs, books and other items purchased in our shop may not be exchanged once paid for (unless authorised by management). Returns will only be accepted in the event of “defects of manufacture” or damage while on sale. In all cases, to ensure the best service, please inform us promptly of any complaints.

Article 9

Museo Nicolis is exempt from any liability relating to damage to persons or objects caused by failure to observe these rules.