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Marca: Ferrari
Modello: 250 GT 2+2
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 12 a V/2953 cc
Velocità: 250 km/h
Lunghezza: 4650 cm
Larghezza: 1720 cm
Altezza: 1350 cm
Anno: 1963

Ferrari, 1963, 250 GT 2+2

Ferrari “250 GT 2+2”, Pininfarina, 1963

The car shown in the museum is the first production 2+2 Ferrari model; thanks to Pininfarina’s ability, it was possible to fit a 4-seater body on the 250 GT chassis without modifying the wheelbase.

The overall car length turned out to be 30,5 cm longer.

Developed in the wind tunnel, the car has a very sloping windshield that perfectly matches with the roof. The clean and linear style of the side, with no unnecessary ornaments, will be used by Pininfarina on other creations of the period.

Starting with the Europa model in 1953 and ending with the last GT Lusso produced in 1964 , the 250 series was one of the most long-running in Ferrari's history and also one of the most famous and successful.

Enzo Ferrari himself loved driving the 250 GT 2+2, thanks to the sporty-comfortable feeling of these cars

For over ten years, the 12-cylinder 3-liter engine (the series was named after the 250cc cubic capacity per cylinder) was used to race all over the world in all its various evolutions and was fitted to cars whose names will always remain in the heart of enthusiasts: 250 SWB, 250 Testarossa, 250 Spyder California, 250 GT Lusso and the famous 250 GTO.

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2006 the 250 GT 2+2 participated to the Conference “Avvento della Linea italiana negli anni Cinquanta Sessanta – la Scuola Pininfarina in Villa d'Este.

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Special thanks to Ivano Mercanzin for the photos.