Alfa Romeo, 1969, Giulia Super 1600

Alfa Romeo “Giulia Super 1600”, 1969

The Alfa Romeo Giulia was born as the successor of the Giulietta and will be produced from 1962 to 1977.

The Giulia was born during the Italian economic boom years and presents itself as a sporty sedan. The famous ad at the time read: “Giulia. The sedan that wins the races”.

The heart of the Giulia is what will become famous as Bialbero Alfa Romeo: an inline-4 with twin overhead camshafts, made completely of aluminum. Very advanced solutions for the period that gave the car high performances.

During the following years the coupé GT and the spider Duetto will complete the line, both built on the same (modified) chassis.

In 15 years they have made 1 million Giulias: this made it one of the most selling cars in Alfa Romeo’s history; 572.646 of them were sedans.

The car of the Museo is a 1969 Giulia Super, one of the most sought-after models, known by the enthusiasts as “Biscione” because of the badges on the rear pillars.

Marque: Alfa Romeo
Model: Giulia Super 1600
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/1570 cc
Power: 98 bhp at 5500 rpm
Speed: 177 kph
Weight: 1040 kg
Length: 414 cm
Width: 156 cm
Height: 143 cm
Year: 1969
Numbers Built: 572.646
Marque: Alfa Romeo
Type: Sedan
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