OM, 1963, Lupetto

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N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4 / 4397 cc

OM, 1963, Lupetto

OM "Lupetto", 1963

This OM Lupetto, purchased by Luciano Nicolis on 18 August 1963, was the first truck of Lamacart, the company he set up on 24 June 1963.

Inside there is a plate written and signed personally by Luciano that reads: "This is the 1st truck bought by Lamacart in 1963 and used personally by me Luciano Nicolis. Use it with care and keep it".

Technical note: it was in 1959 that OM decided to put the Lupetto alongside its bigger brothers Leoncino (1953) and Tigrotto (1957); it was slightly smaller than the Leoncino.

Like all trucks it was also equipped in van, chassis and bus versions. It enjoyed success as a fire brigade truck.