Fiat, 1949, 500 Spider Sport

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Marca: Fiat
Modello: 500 Spider Sport
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4/750 cc
Potenza: 20 CV
Velocità: 125 km/h
Peso: 520 kg
Lunghezza: 313 cm
Larghezza: 125 cm
Altezza: 145 cm
Anno: 1949

Fiat, 1949, 500 Spider Sport

Fiat “500 Spider Sport”, Colli, 1949

Probably a one-off, the car shown in the museum was built by the Carrozzeria Colli of Milan on a chassis powered by a Fiat-derived engine. The years following the end of World War II witnessed the growth of both drivers and technicians.

Among the small coachbuilders of the period, an important place was occupied by Carrozzeria Colli of Milan, founded in 1932 and specialized in aluminium handcraft work.

During the war Carrozzeria Colli cooperated with the Air Force and soon after the war the experience gained from this collaboration led the company to manufacture a special vehicle, half-car and half-plane, with wings that bent upwards when driving on the road. In 1948 the Aer 1, a three-seat prototype, was able to make some trial flies. Although interesting and appreciated, the the vehicle was never produced.

Carrozzeria Colli kept manufacturing special car bodies until 1973 and in the 1950s cooperated with Alfa Romeo, for which they dressed both racing (as the 6C 3000CM and Disco Volante) and road cars (as the station wagon versions of the Giulietta and Giulia).

1994 Raduno, VCC Enrico Bernardi, Fiat Sport Colli.

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