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Marca: Lancia
Modello: Fulvia Sport 1600
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4 a V / 1584 cc
Potenza: 114 CV
Velocità: 190 km/h
Lunghezza: 410 cm
Larghezza: 163 cm
Altezza: 128 cm
Anno: 1972
Esemplari prodotti: 800

Lancia "Fulvia Sport Zagato 1600", 1972

The enduring collaboration between Lancia and Zagato started in the mid-50s, when the latter introduced the sports versions of the Appia. Later on, he gave his own sports interpretation of the Flaminia and Flavia models, and finally at the 1965 Turin Motor Show he introduced the Fulvia Sport.

Marked by a strong personality and a stretched and angular style, the Fulvia Sport had better performances than the series Fulvia Coupè, thanks to its aerodynamic specification and to the lightening made by Zagato.

The car shown in the museum is from the rarest series, the one fitted with the engine of the 1600 HF series introduced in 1971, just one year before the model production ending.

Thanks to Ivano Mercanzin for the shooting