Fiat, 1941, 1500 C

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Marca: Fiat
Modello: 1500 C
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 6/1493 cc
Potenza: 45 CV
Velocità: 100 km/h
Lunghezza: 480 cm
Larghezza: 167 cm
Altezza: 150 cm
Anno: 1941

Fiat, 1941, 1500 C

Fiat “1500 C", Bertone, 1941

The 1500 was unveiled at the 1935 Milan Car Show. The engine was based on the "Balilla" one with two cylinders added, reaching a total displacement of nearly 1500cc: almost a size record for an inline 6.

Carrozzeria Bertone was the first to make its own interpretation of the new Fiat model: in 1936 they had already launched some sedans that enhanced the streamlined stock model with their lines.

The body of the car was drawn by Mario Revelli of Beaumont during the last years of WWII and built by Bertone in 1945 on a 1941 chassis.

The research of new styles and aerodynamic concepts is evident: the windshield angle, the front fenders that join the rear ones, anticipating the future "ponton" bodies (where the wheel arches and lights merge with the body). The front grille is peculiar, with the center shield and two lateral moustaches that recall the typical Alfa Romeo front end.

"Two long streamlined lines comes from the front end, shaping the front and rear fenders, joined by a single line that goes down and gets thinner near the doors. After the rear wheels, these waves  softly disappear into two smooth fins without rear lights." Fonte: La Manovella, Aprile 2008.

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