Ansaldo, 1906, PF-1VA

Ansaldo “PF-1VA”, 1906

The origins of Ansaldo date back to 1853 when Giovanni Ansaldo, a 24-year-old university teacher, came back to Italy after living in North Europe for a while and founded the Company Gio. Ansaldo & C. to build steam trains and ships.

The company had the idea of a car production even before the end of World War I, assuming that aeroplane production would stop once the war was over and it would have then been necessary to switch from war production (heavy artillery) to civil manufacturing.

The prototype of the first Ansaldo type 4A was built in 1919 and the company started selling its first cars in 1920. The model on display is a world premier (and a production ante litteram), built in the Ansaldo workshops even before they actually had a department for car production.

This one-of-a-kind model, built on a Peugeot frame, is powered by a Peugeot single-cylinder engine, chain drive, De Dion rear axle and wooden-spoke wheels.

Marque: Ansaldo
Model: PF - 1VA
Cylinder number / Capacity: 1/850 cc
Power: 7 bhp at 1000 rpm
Speed: 45 kph
Length: 2438 cm
Width: 1270 cm
Height: 1350 cm
Year: 1906
Marque: Ansaldo
Type: 2 Baquets
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