OM, 1929, 469 S

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Marca: OM
Modello: 469 S
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4/1496 cc
Potenza: 30 CV
Velocità: 95 km/h
Lunghezza: 4500 cm
Larghezza: 1740 cm
Altezza: 1750 cm
Anno: 1929

OM, 1929, 469 S

OM “469 S”, Schieppati, 1929

The Società Anonima Officine Meccaniche (OM since 1928) company was founded in 1899 with the merger between two locomotive and railway carriage manufacturers.

In 1917 the company took over a car factory in Brescia, Zust, and in 1918 they introduced the first OM car, the S 305 model.

In the early 1930s with the beginning of lorry production, OM became part of the Fiat Group, and it completely lost its own identity in the late 1960s when Fiat Veicoli Industriali, later called Iveco, was established.

The 469 model was introduced in 1922 in the N and S versions, the latter fitted with front brakes too. The S4 version was produced until 1934, and certainly owes its success to the race victories, among which the 1922 Coppa delle Alpi in the 1500 class.

The sedan version of the museum was built by Carrozzeria Schieppati of Milan; the car is mainly in its original condition as is proved by the footboards and rear seats. Also the log book, which registers just one change of ownership, and the MN 3874 registration plate are original.