Rolls-Royce, 1978, Camargue

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Marca: Rolls Royce
Modello: Camargue
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: V8/6750 cc
Potenza: 225 CV
Velocità: 190 km/h
Peso: 2400 kg
Lunghezza: 5150 cm
Larghezza: 1680 cm
Altezza: 1690 cm
Anno: 1978
Esemplari prodotti: 434

Rolls-Royce, 1978, Camargue

Rolls-Royce “Camargue”, Mulliner, Park Ward, 1978

In December 1904 the Rolls-Royce company was founded by joining the activities of Henry Royce, a former mechanic who had built his first car in 1903, and Charles Stewart Rolls, third-born of a noble family and graduated at Cambridge, who had founded a company specialized in importing French and Belgian cars.

The first Rolls Royce car, the 10HP, was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in that very 1904 December. The Rolls-Royce myth was born just two years later in November, 1906 when at the London Motor Show was introduced the 40/50HP Silver Ghost, “the best car in the world”, produced with continuous updating until 1925.

RollsRoyce has never been re-known for the sports specifications of their cars and even the Camargue, whose body was designed by Pininfarina and built by Mulliner, Park Ward in England, cannot be considered really a coupe: its elegant style and its unremarkable performances are good reasons to consider it as a two-door saloon.