Fiat, 1968, 125 Samantha

Fiat “125 Samantha”, Vignale, 1968.

The Fiat 125 Vignale “Samantha” was made by Vignale on the Fiat 125 frame and unveiled at the 1967 Turin Car Show.

It’s a four-seater coupé with pop-up headlights and despite it didn’t arouse a huge admiration, it went into production. The 1608cm3 Lampredi twincam engine came straight from the normal “125” and produced 90 horsepower.

Production stopped in 1971 and only a hundred cars were made, most of them went to France and England.





Marque: Fiat
Model: 125 Samantha
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/1608 cc cc
Power: 102 bhp at 5600 rpm
Speed: 161 kph
Weight: 1135 kg
Length: 438 cm
Width: 165 cm
Height: 129 cm
Year: 1968
Numbers Built: 100
Marque: Vignale
Type: Coupé
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