Lancia, 1960, Flaminia 2.5 berlina

Lancia “Flaminia 2500 berlina”, 1960.

The Flaminia, presented at Turin Show in 1956, was Lancia’s great flagship, the heir of the Aurelia. It was designed by Professor Fessia.

Sold at extremely high prices for the thime and therefore with a rather low number of vehicles produced, it was still a top symbol of Lancia production in the post-war period and represented a flagship for that segment which is now defined as high quality constructions and large, luxury saloons. There is room for six people to sit confrtably in the large driver and passenger compartment.

Worth nothing are the two small fins on the back which, although influenced by the American style, were re-interpreted more elegantly by Pininfarina who took charge of the aesthetics. Due to its stateliness and  aristocratic line (4.85 m long and 1.75 m wide), this vehicle became the car of statesmen and industrailists during the economic boom.

Marque: Lancia
Model: Flaminia
Cylinder number / Capacity: 6 a V di 60° / 2458 cc cc
Power: 102 bhp at 4600 rpm
Speed: 180 kph
Year: 1960
Numbers Built: 12.633
Marque: Lancia
Type: Berlina
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