Maserati, 1960, 3500 GT Spider

Maserati “3500 GT Spider Vignale”, 1960

Introduced in 1957, the 3500 GT coupè of the Touring body-maker was a great commercial success for the trident firm and so it seemed obvious to accompany the coupe with a spider version.

Designed by Giovanni Michelotti (one of the busiest post-war Italian designers) and produced by the Vignale body-maker, the spider, with a coupe loom 100mm shorter, was introduced at the 1959 Turin Exhibition already with rotating front breaks that were to become standard starting from 1960.

Marque: Maserati
Model: 3500 GT Spider Vignale
Cylinder number / Capacity: 6 in linea/3485 cc
Power: 220 bhp at 5500 rpm
Speed: 230 kph
Weight: 1760 kg
Length: 4450 cm
Width: 1635 cm
Height: 1310 cm
Year: 1960
Marque: Vignale
Type: Spider
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