Oldsmobile, 1903, Model R curved dash

Oldsmobile “Model R curved dash”, 1903.

Founded by Ransom Eli Olds in 1897, the Oldsmobile is the oldest American automobile industry; in 1904 Olds left the company to found the REO, and in 1908 the Oldsmobile firm was purchased by William C. Durant and it became part of the newborn General Motors Company.

The Model R Curved dash runabout was introduced in 1901: simple, economical and practical had an immediate success and remained into production until 1903; it can be surely considered the first mass produced car in the world. The light wooden bodywork still shows specification resembling a horse carriage rather than a car: at the rear plate sides there are the supports to fasten the horses to be used in case of need, while the basket on the passenger side, today used as an umbrella stand, originally contained the riding whip. To notice the characteristic steering control: a long bull tail shaped lever.


Marque: Oldsmobile
Model: Model R Curved dash
Cylinder number / Capacity: 1/1929 cc
Power: 7 bhp
Length: 2450 cm
Width: 1660 cm
Height: 1480 cm
Year: 1901 - 1903
Numbers Built: 6.850
Marque: Oldsmobile
Type: Runabout
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