Peugeot, 1904, Tipo 58

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Marca: Peugeot
Modello: Tipo 58
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1/833 cc
Potenza: 5 CV
Velocità: 40 km/h
Peso: 350 kg
Lunghezza: 243.8 cm
Larghezza: 127 cm
Altezza: 198 cm
Anno: 1904
Esemplari prodotti: 121

Peugeot, 1904, Tipo 58

Peugeot "Tipo 58", 1904

The first officially documented owner of a car in Italy was Gaetano Rossi, the owner of the Lanerossi industries in Vicenza.
In 1892, he put an order in to Peugeot for a car with a Daimler engine, complete with a soft top and folding seats, for which he took delivery on 2nd January 1893.
It was the 25th Peugeot ever made and the first to drive around Italy.

In 1896, encouraged by the sporting success, which boosted sales, Peugeot began to build cars using engines of their own design and construction. In 1899, the first Peugeot car dealer in Italy was opened and in 1900 the total production of the French car manufacturer had already reached 500 cars per year.

The vehicle in the Museo is a Tipo 58, an upgrade of the Tipo 56 which, presented in 1903, did not meet with great commercial success.

It is powered by a single cylinder square engine (bore and stroke: 102x102mm) with two main bearings. The clutch is cone-shaped and the shaft-driven transmission has 3 gears.
The “mother-in-law’s” retractable chair is rather strange and can be put on the back of the car when needed.