Diatto, 1924, tipo 20 A

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Marca: Diatto
Modello: 20 A
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4/1996 cc
Potenza: 45 CV
Velocità: 110 km/h
Lunghezza: 435 cm
Larghezza: 173 cm
Altezza: 185 cm
Anno: 1924

Diatto, 1924, tipo 20 A

Diatto “tipo 20 A", 1924

The "Società Automobili Diatto-A. Clément" was born in Turin in 1905 by Vittorio and Pietro Diatto, sons of Giovanni Battista who founded a big company of railway material, later took over by Fiat in 1918.

The Diatto oval badge, white lettering on a red background, appeared in 1909, after the Diatto brothers took over Clement's participation in the company. It's interesting to note the similarity between the Diatto and Bugatti's logo.
During WWI Diatto built plane engines under Bugatti license and in 1919 launched a new car, the Tipo 30, made again under Bugatti license.

Another prestigious meeting in Diatto's history was the one with Alfieri Maserati, talented driver and founder of the homonymous company, that with the "20/S" model won many races and participated to the designing of the 8-cylinder Diatto racecar.

In 1927 la Diatto participated with one of their cars at the first Mille Miglia, and in 1929 the company stopped making cars.

The car displayed at the Museum is a formal family torpedo, with rear brakes only, a characteristic that will soon disappear after the late 20s.

Very rare car, only few examples exist today, you can count them on one hand.

Historical notes - Read the DIATTO article

"Diatto boasts a prestigious palmares of over 300 successes conquered on the most important rallyes and circuits, with the 4 DC,  20S,  26S,  30S, 35SS and the 8C compressore, 2-liter Grand Prix and 4-liter 40 MM. With the best drivers of the time, Alfieri and Ernesto Maserati,  Tazio Nuvolari, the marquis Diego De Sterlich (former Bugatti racer), the count Gastone Brilli Peri,  (Alfa Romeo champion), Cesare Schieppati, Emilio Materassi, Guido Meregalli, Giulio Aymini, the countess Maria Antonietta Avanzo,  Domenico Gamboni, Franz and Carlo Alberto Conelli and many others, Diatto, often conquered the podium finishes often with stock cars..."

1922: Diatto in pole position at the first race on the Autodromo di Monza

"In the fall of 1922, the 1st Italian GP took place on the brand new Autodromo of Monza, finished in record time: the pole positions were occupied by a Diatto, a Bugatti and a Fiat. To celebrate the 80th anniversary from that race, in the fall of 2002, the same arrangement of cars was recreated on the starting line".

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