Velorex, 1963, 16/250

Velorex “16/250”

In 1943 the Czechoslovak brothers Frantisek and Mojmir Stransky produced their first Velorex Oskar. The vehicle had a tubular chassis fitted with mechanical components of motorcycling origins and had a body built with a leatherette material.

After the war, in Czechoslovakia there was a big demand of inexpensive means of transport, which would not raise problems with the restrictions imposed by the Regime. So, many people would manufacture their own means of transport using recycled mechanical parts, as they could not afford to buy a real production car.

The Stransky brothers’ project was successful and after building the first examples at home they started with a small mass production in a little garage. The Velorex Oskar was built in three different models: the “standard” version fitted with a 150cc CZ engine, the “3” with a 300cc PAL engine and the “6” with a 250cc Jawa engine.

Marque: Velorex
Model: 16/250
Engine: Jawa
Cylinder number / Capacity: 1 / 250 cc
Length: 330 cm
Width: 148 cm
Height: 128 cm
Year: 1963
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