Zedel, 1912, C.I. 12 HP

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Marca: Zedel
Modello: C.I. 12HP
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 4/1956 cc
Potenza: 12 CV
Lunghezza: 377 cm
Larghezza: 150 cm
Altezza: 185 cm
Anno: 1912

Zedel, 1912, C.I. 12 HP

Zedel "C.I. 12 HP", Moniardet, 1912

The Zedel (or ZL acronym from the initials of the partners Zurcher and Luthi) automobile industry was active in Switzerland from the late 1800s till the 1920s. Initially producing motorcycle engines, in the early 1900s they started with the production of luxury cars.

The car shown in the museum is a very rare 1912 C.I. 12 HP.

Designed for the difficult Swiss mountain roads, the car shows some specifications such as the carburetor placed under the engine to allow a regular fuel flow even on highly gradient roads.

This car still has original accessories and leather interior, and is fitted with carbide headlights with magnifying lens to allow a wider light beam expansion.

Thanks to their cars quality, the Zedel had several sovereigns among their customers: it seems just this exact car was presented by the company to Queen Elena of Italy so that they could be titled “Suppliers of the Royal House”.