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Marca: Ansaldo
Modello: 4 CS
Potenza: 48 CV
Velocità: 110 km/h
Lunghezza: 3910 cm
Larghezza: 1590 cm
Altezza: 1750 cm
Anno: 1924

Ansaldo, 1924, 4/CS

Ansaldo “4/CS ”, 1924

Ansaldo Automobili, a branch of S.A. Gio. Ansaldo in Genova, was founded in 1918 and survived with different names until 1945.

The 4 CS is the sports version of the 4 model, launched in 1919, and contribute significantly to build the success of Ansaldo as a sports car manufacturer.

The car shown in the museum was purchased new by Ettore Mayr, Ansaldo dealer for the Trentino area: his car had to be, as a demonstration vehicle, faster than the series production cars. Mayr, after visiting the factory to choose his car, confessed his sports leanings and so had the cylinder head slightly tuned to add a few more horsepower to his 4/CS. The tuning, together with the stock short 3-speed gearbox, allowed him to cover the flying kilometre, measured by the Automobile Club of Trento, at 119 kph and win several races, such as the 1925 Trento-Bondone hill climb race.

Car owned by ETTORE MAYR from Trento, Ansaldo dealer at the time

Many historic photos of Mayr on the Ansaldo are kept in our Archive.

AISA historic analysis

"This time the protagonist of this story is a glorious Italian brand, ANSALDO, that in 1919 after WWI started the reconversion of military vehicles to civil ones, building cars like the Tipo 4A, the first model in 1919, the Tipo 10/14/15 GS, and the Tipo 22/18.
The photo of the record conquered by Ansaldo in MIRAMAS we are showing is part of the collection of – probably the only survivor after 90 years – the subjects showed are the protagonists of the challenge that will set a World Record on six days or Ten thousands Chilometers in Miramas, – oval circuit inaugurated in 1924 located in the south of France that hosted the French GP in 1926, now owned by BMW – with an Ansaldo 4C built between 1923 to 1926 completely stock with a 1847cc 4-cylinder engine producing 35 HP and 90 kph of top speed declared by the company.
The event took place from August, 31st to September, 6th 1925, with a total time of 144 hours the car ran for 10.434,47 Km at the average speed of 72 ,461 kph and broke all the records of endurance and distance in the world.

The Record was set by two Italians and two French drivers as shown by the flags on the car, driven by Engineer Carlo Bucchetti, chief project manager of Ansaldo Automobili. Bucchetti raced a lot, for 1920s standards, to promote the products even outside Italy. The car used for the record is the middle version of the Ansaldo 4 series, between the 4A you can see at the Turin Car Museum, and the sports version 4CS kept in the Nicolis Museum in Villafranca (Verona)".


13th May, 1926Gilberto Mayr participated at the 2nd Trento-Bondone and winning the race. Co-driver Dario Sicher.
On the Trento-Sardegna route, 4.6 km with a drop of 292 meters – average speed: 45,619 kph

In 1926/1927 Ettore Mayr participated with his wife at the Trento regularity race with the Ansaldo.

In 1958 Mayr participates at the Celebrazioni dell’Automobilista in Verona.

In 1959 Mayr participates at the VIII Trofeo Supercortemaggiore near Cortina, the most important event for the number of participating cars. See the VIDEO at min 0:50

In the 70s took part in the movie "Arizona"

1978 1° Raduno della Valpolicella, Trofeo Bruno Smaniotto, Verona.

1979 brought to the Fiera di Padova

1980 used in a shooting for one of the most important magazine of the time, Le Coiffure.

1981 3° Sicilia dei Florio, driven by Luciano Nicolis, finishing in 11th place.

1983 60th anniversary of the Circuito del Savio, Luciano Nicolis and Renate finished 2nd.

1998 took part at the event dedicated to Siegrfried Marcus, Fahrt in Vienna.

2014 participates to Nel segno del Cavallino Rampante, Museo Caproniexhibition in Trento