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Museo Nicolis, 24ORE Cultura, Sguardi femminili sul Museo

Media, “Sguardi femminili sul museo”, 24 ORE Cultura

Silvia Nicolis is one of the protagonists of the publication “Sguardi femminili sul museo”, published by 24 ORE Cultura

In this volume of the Scheiwiller series dedicated to interviews with leading figures from the world of culture, Maurizio Luvizone talks with fifteen female directors and senior managers of Italian and international museums on the centrality of the female gender in the realisation of a new way of doing museums in the world. Of how the ‘female gaze’ is accompanying contemporary museum management towards a vision more oriented to the happiness of the public, to relations with territories, to participation, to inclusiveness.

The museum is (or should be) the place where, rather than celebrating the genius of a few, the happiness of many is provided for. Where, rather than receiving answers, questions are stimulated. A cultural factory that produces intangible value (knowledge and culture) and material value (economic resources) to be reinvested to improve the goodness of the service (cultural, didactic and informative) for its public. A centre of production, research and sharing that is indispensable for the economic, social and civil growth of the territory in which it lives.
There is a good wind that is changing the way museums are understood and managed, in all their forms and dimensions – at all latitudes of the world. Preserving and disseminating beauty, of course, but also combining research and innovation, connecting old and new knowledge. Helping to accelerate the transition towards a future that is sustainable, beautiful and inclusive.
In this vision, the role of women is central. This book reports some conversations with women who, in various roles and in different museums, sometimes far apart (in terms of history, culture, size, mission), are changing the idea of museums in the world.

Source: “Sguardi femminili sul museo”, 24 ORE Cultura