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Silvia Nicolis interviewed by Mariella Petagine in the episode of EspansioneTv “Zonaverde” dedicated to the Verona area

Watch the episode aired Sunday 10 December at 11 am on CHANNEL 14 Dt


A journey to discover the agricultural supply chain, from the birth of the product to the table, passing through the processing and intermediate processes.
Now in its third edition, Zonaverde is Etv’s programme dedicated to the world of nature and its fruits, but also to the cuisine and beauty of the Italian territory.
Mariella Petagine will lead viewers along new paths straddling innovation and tradition, ancient knowledge and modern technology.
The Zonaverde troupe, touching different provinces of Italy, will show how innovative technologies can coexist with tradition and agrifood culture. It will gather stories and testimonies of the women and men who live agriculture with dedication and passion.
Each episode, realised in collaboration with the BF Spa group, one of Italy’s leading agricultural realities, will be enriched by in-depth journalistic coverage of the product dealt with and the territories visited, from a cultural and tourist perspective. Last but not least, there will be a moment dedicated to cooking: a chef, for each product in the supply chain, will propose a recipe designed to enhance genuine flavours.

The new season of Zonaverde: from 22 October every Sunday at 11 a.m. and every Thursday at 8 p.m., on Etv.