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Fair, Verona Legend Cars

The Museo Nicolis will participate at Centomiti exhibit with a stand dedicated to the legendary brand Bianchi where 5 masterpieces from our collection will be displayed on 11th and 12th May at Veronafiere, stand n°9.

The tribute to the Bianchi brand will be recounted through the exhibition of three outstanding collectibles that made history in Italy, starting with the 1935 Bianchi S9 Sport, that thanks to her sleek design managed to keep up with fierce competitors, such as the Fiat 1500 and the Lancia Augusta, up until the Aprilia. Then the elegant and frugal 1950 Bianchina, a motorcycle that fulfilled the needs of good mileage and low costs Italians looked for during the postwar period, features that made made the bike successful.

The celebration of the prestigious Italian brand could only end with a marvelous racing bicycle: the 1961 Specialissima Giro d’Italia. With this sophisticated project a new era began: a revolutionary model, with a short-geometry frame, lightweight and stiff, that managed to unload the pedaling power to the ground, instead of dispersing it. The Museo Nicolis takes the opportunity to show this marvel to the demanding audience and anticipates the arrival of the Giro d’Italia in Verona on the next June 2nd, and no other brand could fit this tribute so nicely: Bianchi was one of the teams thanks to which personalities like Fausto Coppi, the Champion of Champions, were engraved on history.

The Museo stokes the legend and chooses some of the milestones in its collection to narrate the history of the Giro d’Italia and the men who made this race famous, with an original exhibit soon ready for enthusiasts and experts.