Bianchi, 1950, Bianchina

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Marca: Bianchi
Modello: Bianchina
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 125 cc

Bianchi, 1950, Bianchina

Bianchi "Bianchina", 1950, Italy 

The Italian economic boom after WWII was characterized by the search for cheap vehicles with low fuel consumption; therefore in the mid-40s the market for small displacement motorbikes began to grow, especially under 125cm3.

The Bianchina was designed by Marco Baldi in 1945 and the production started in 1946 with many variants were later made but still based on the first project with the same engine. It has a classic mechanical scheme and it’s powered by a 2-stroke single cylinder engine, clearly inspired by the 1938 DKW RT. Its performance was modest by choice and for this reason the bike was nicknamed “Trottapiano” (“Slow-trot”), nevertheless Bianchi’s quality and competitive price turned it into a success.

In 1948 the Turismo Lusso version was introduced and later the Gran Lusso Extra in 1950. The aesthetic differences consist in the white and blue paint of the frame coupled with a chromed fuel tank with red details.

Museo Nicolis houses a rich exhibit of Bianchi bicycles, motorcycles and cars.

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