Bianchi Specialissima Giro d’Italia, 1961, racing bicycle

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Marca: Bianchi
Anno di produzione: 1961
Modello: Specialissima Giro d'Italia
Tipo: racing bicycle
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Bianchi

Bianchi Specialissima Giro d’Italia, 1961, racing bicycle

Bianchi Specialissima Giro d’Italia, racing bicycle, 1961, Italy

With a bicycle like this Bruno Mealli (Bianchi official cyclist) won the Giro del Lazio and other races in 1961. With this bicycle a new era began: new studies on rigidity were applied, the bicycle has to be as stiff as possible to perform well, otherwise the wheels and frame absorb power, instead of unloading it to the ground. The frame will follow a “short geometry” scheme, ultralight and rigid.

Technical notes:
Bianchi Specialissima “Giro d’ Italia”
UNIVERSAL brakes with central tie rod
6-speed CAMPAGNOLO Record hubs with cable-operated derailleurs
BIANCHI light alloy pedal bearing
Grand Prix handlebar

Other info:
From 1900 Bianchi started dedicating to power-driven vehicles; the first motorbicycle (power-driven bicycle) Bianchi, went unnoticed because of Umberto I assassination by the anarchist Gaetano Bresci. In 1902 Bianchi moved again, the new factory is now located on via Nino Bixio and here the first cars will be made, which price will vary from 4000 £ of the two-seater to 14.000 £ for the limousine bodies. Bianchi cars had large success not only for the remarkable quality of the materials and the refined design, but also for the customer services. In fact a couple of days of driving school were included in the car price, every model was equipped with a tool box with a wrench, some tape and an air pump. Door-to-door repairs were established too and specialized mechanics travelled around the Kingdom. The train tickets (coach class) were paid by the company and the mechanics’ salary was 15£ per day. Board and lodging were covered by the customer.

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