Bottecchia, 1935, Racing bicycle

Bottecchia, racing bicycle, 1935. Italy

Bottecchia: Company founded in 1926 in Vittorio Veneto by the Carnielli family.

The brand is named after Ottavio Bottecchia, the silent Champion from Conegliano Veneto, the first italian cyclist to win the “Tour de France” in 1924 and 1925.


Technical data:

– BOTTECCHIA Specialissima Corsa “Paris-Rubaix” Teodoro Carnielli
– Custom-made chassis with special “French” junctions and fixed pinion, specific for the Paris-Rubaix (long hard race)
– Oiler on the transmission with refilling cap under the seat.
– “Sanremo mod. Piuma” light alloy rims.
– BOTTECCHIA wheel hubs
– ECO Sport mod.1935 brakes
– Custom-made BOTTECCHIA handlebar


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